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We are Locksmith Sunnyside offering all locksmith services.  Our Locksmiths are here to assist you to make sure that your situation is sorted out, whether you have to have new locks replaced on your doors, jammed keys, jammed lock or need a set of keys cut. We operate the whole  of South Rand Sunnyside . We offer the best locksmith service in the South Rand Sunnyside . Our locksmiths are professional and helpful when it comes to all locksmith jobs. We are able to assist with all locks, safes, doors and cars. Our Car Locksmith Sunnyside carry with them all the correct tools needed for the job and are fully equipped as we are mobile locksmiths.

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Our Locksmith Sunnyside can assist with all home locks and can carry out any job, from changing of locks, repairing and cutting of new keys for your door locks. We can also advise on the best door locks shall you want to replace all your locks on your doors for extra security.  Home Locksmith Sunnyside will help choose the correct locks needed and also have various locks to show you so that you may choose from the different locks.


Safe Locksmith Sunnyside are able to unlock all makes of safes, this is a tricky job and requires knowledgeable locksmiths to assist with the opening of safes. Our call centre will assist you with dispatching a safe locksmith to you but will need to ask a few simple questions to determine which safe you have so that our Safe Locksmith Sunnyside are informed as to what safe it is and the problem and that they have the correct tools with the. We can assist with recoding a digital safe, open a turn key volt and a normal key safe.

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Locking your keys in your car can happen at any given time. Not to worry Car Locksmith Sunnyside can assist in retrieving your keys. ECU repairs Sunnyside can assist with all models of cars and have the correct tools needed for each car lock. We will dispatch a Car Locksmith immediately so that you are not left waiting for too long. We are also able to cut new set of car keys, however pricing does differ to normal house set keys. We are able to give a quote before we go ahead with cutting the spare set of keys. Car locks can also be tricky and we know how to open it with care and ease to make sure that your car lock is not damaged,  We are also able to replace a lock if your lock on your vehicle has been damaged which can occur to the car lock. As we are mobile this can be done on site.

Sunnyside Locksmith  are reliable and efficient and will make sure that the job is sorted and that all locks and keys are working properly before leaving, and that you are happy with the job completed.